Are latest technologies creating more gap between human relationships?

Upcoming technologies are capable of creating gaps between human relationships but only if you allow them to.

New media technologies are having a major impact on society as a whole. technology and phones and social media are designed, to capture human beings’ attention, we usually fall for these products and, more often than not, end up suffering their many side effects.

Personal relationships are like stretched rubber bands under the pressure of phone and social media.

some scenarios that span their effects on personal relationships, loneliness, and human interaction.

Yet say you are going out with your friend.

As we get ready first work we do is to click snap and upload in the social sites, when we reach the destination we post the check-in social sites tagging our friends

The comments pop’s up “You seem to be having so much fun. Red hearts. Kisses. Pink hearts. Love. Kisses.”

Well, of course, we are having fun. we are hanging out with our best apps ( apps like- facebook, Instagram WhatsApp, etc )

Most of the time it happens, friends are more busy on their phone, even they are present with us.

But how could social media be so engraved in us? That is not how human species involved.  Or are we constantly high on the brain cell? The likes and comments and hearts and shares on our social media activity release brain cell in our body which makes us happy.

We are moving further away from each other, but we do not even realize it because our phone keeps beeping.

Social media is creating a difference between humans and human interaction while keeping virtually connected.

There is a decrease in human interaction and an increase in virtual connections — which leads to loneliness.

So yes, I think technology has been creating gaps in human relationships. But we are the bigger culprits, by allowing it to do so.