The Struggle you go through TODAY gives you strength, you need for TOMORROW

“The Struggle you go through TODAY gives you strength, you need for TOMORROW”

Rather than losing hope and giving up, chose to pick up, brush off, and continue moving with the hope toward achieving their dreams.

None of us are immune from falling into difficult times. That plight is something we all have in common. Another thing we all have in common is the ability to choose how we are going to react to the difficult times when they come. Will we allow them to destroy our hope for the future or will we decide to view them as a learning experience meant to help us as we continue to move forward with hope that the best is yet to come.

#Let takes an example of the most known personality of today’s who have struggled and succeed:-

1.      Mr. N R Narayana Murthy

First worked in IIMA and then started a company called Softronics in 1976! When it failed after a year and a half he joined Patni Computer Systems.

Later he started Infosys Technologies along with 6 other professionals as partners in 1981 and the rest, as they say, is history!!!

2.      Mahesh Gupta, Kent RO

Started as a mechanical engineer, Mahesh worked with IOCL and had a tiny income, his first innovation was related to petroleum conservation which got him fame and a few patents to his name. Later in the year 1998, his son got jaundice infection which is a water-borne disease, Mahesh started looking for good purifiers but wasn’t satisfied with what the market had to offer, and he ended up creating one of his own. Kent RO today has a turnover of over Rs 580 crores and 2,500 employees